Coaching & Pilot Development

After you have just learnt to fly, or maybe you haven’t flown in some time, it can feel quite daunting to go out flying alone. Especially flying independently for the first time. No instructor there to help you if you need, choosing where to go, checking the weather and your gear. It is an exciting time in our flying career. Coaching can really help at this stage develop your flying knowledge and experience.

Our Coaching services are a great way to help structure your progress and work on making you a safer, more relaxed, more knowledgeable pilot. We cater our coaching to your level, experience and your paragliding ambitions.

At all levels we can always improve our flying, from the theory and the preparations we make to the flying and the experiences we create. We focus on developing skills in:

    • Equipment & Instruments
    • Weather Forecasting
    • Ground Handling Exercises
    • Active flying in thermic conditions
    • XC Route Planning
    • Debriefing at the end of the day

Pilot Development 

We are always learning with paragliding and it is important to give some structure to this. Luckily the BHPA have come up with the Pilot Development System for you to follow. We can help you progress your Pilot Tasks and get you ready for your Exam.

BHPA Pilot Tasks 

BHPA Mock Pilot Exam

Guiding & Pilot Development In Algodonales

Algodonales is a small village nestled on the side of a mountain in Andalucia, southern Spain. Famous for the flying conditions, Andalucia is the perfect playground for our XC Guiding and soaring with the vultures.

While the rest of Europe is largely unflyable, the flying conditions are usually stable here in southern Spain therefore it is virtually flyable most of the year round. Spring time here in southern Spain is a thermal paradise and great for beginner XC’s and thermal coaching.

What to expect from our Pilot Development?

We take the hassle out of your flying holiday and help you make the most of the conditions to achieve great flying days. Comfortable accommodation, all your flying logistics arranged, local XC Guiding knowledge, pilot development and plenty to do in between great flying.

We usually meet up for breakfast and assess the weather for the day and then head out to the most optimum site for the days flying. Flying until the conditions allow it or it gets dark, usually the latter. We Stop for lunch and breaks in the day but our days are long.

Rating Requirements & Insurance 

We accept only BHPA CP RatedFAI IPPIAPPI Pilot or equivalent ratings on our trips/coaching. You must be an independent pilot.

Please ensure that you have adequate travel insurance in place for your trip that includes rescue / repatriation  and medical cover for paragliding. Please also ensure that you have your local association membership, such as your BHPA, FAI, IPPI etc membership, up to date. If you have your BHPA card please bring that along with you on your trip.

*Please note that this trip is not an instructional course and therefore you must be qualified or rated to fly independently.*


It is very important that you check you have all your kit in advance of coming out, especially if you haven’t flown in a while. Please check your kit is in good condition. If there is any equipment you require please let us know before your trip and we will ensure we have for your trip.


Please take a radio with you. If you do not have a 2m radio, we can sell or rent one to you.

Payment and Cancellations 

Find a course you wish to join, check the dates we are running this course.

If you see dates that suit your availability then simply fill in the blue Booking Form on the right and choose the starting date of the course you wish to join.

We kindly ask that a payment of a deposit of 20€ per person upon confirmation of booking. The remainder of the balance to be paid on the day of your coaching.

You can pay your deposit by following the blue Book Your Place button to the right or getting in touch via Whatsapp or email.

If you wish to cancel the trip we refund 100% if cancelled more than 14 days, within the 14 day window we keep or transfer your deposit to another trip. If your trip is cancelled due to Covid we will refund you 100% no matter when you cancelled.

For any more information on our Pilot Development Course please email 

More information for Algodonales:

Paragliding Sites in and around Algodonales

Levante (South Easterly & South Westerly Takeoff from Lijar)

El Bosque



Poniente (Westerly & North Westerly Easterly Takeoff from Lijar)




  • Non Flying Partner

    Take along your non flying partner or friend for the day.

    $ 30.00
  • Kit Rental

    Full kit rental - contact in advance

    $ 90.00


Google Reviews

31 reviews
  • Barry Ley
    Barry Ley
    a month ago

    Absolutely the best coach I’ve come across. Friendly, involved and really cares about his students. Nick is born to teach paragliding. Safety and pure love for the sport are cornerstones of this business. He is involved and always ready to answer questions and help. If you can book him, don’t miss out. He’s not just good with the practical aspects of flying, he gave a meteorology class today which clarified things I had very little grasp of from CP

  • Klaus “eagleeye” W

    Was my first week with Nick and it was excellent! Paragliding Guide is always focused that all participants will gain as much airtime as possible. In addition his team and friends are very supportive and I've found interesting new contacts. Clear recommendation :))

  • Michael Schaefers
    Michael Schaefers
    6 months ago

    I met Nick at the launch site in Algodonales. He must have noticed I was nervous, approached me and managed to calm me down with just a few words. I had not even booked him. Over the next days we chatted, I could hop on his bus whenever there was space, and I was impressed of the fun, respectful, knowledgable and professional approach to his clients. My wife booked a tandem experience with him and had a fantastic time as well. 💯 percent recommendation for anyone willing to improve his/her paragliding skills and/or have a great time with a great Mensch 😉

  • Peter Short
    Peter Short
    6 months ago

    Best guide and tutor in algo by a mile...Great guy Great local knowledge goes above and beyond to get you in the air and you'll learn soon much in a friendly social and safe environment..ill be returning soon and again and again. Recommended highly

  • Sophie Smithells
    Sophie Smithells
    a year ago

    I have recently passed my CP and was looking for some extra support as I work my way towards my pilot licence. Nick offers a fantastic service. He has great knowledge of the area and will ensure you get the most out of any flying day, Tailoring it to your skill level. I really like the flexible approach, as I don’t often have enough time for a full week of coaching, he allows you to sign up for individual days of guiding to suit your schedule. On top he offers great accommodation in the centre of Alto. Awesome guide and can’t wait until my next trip with him.


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