4 Hours Private Tour to see the sunset at El Rey Canek Viewpoint

As you may know, the Mayan civilization occupied the land from the south of Mexico to all Guatemala and part of Belize and Honduras. The kings of all cities wanted to leave a legacy, that is why we find pyramids, temples, stelae, and other forms of leaving a mark through time.

We know that the immense Mayan cities of Tikal and El Mirador are the most popular in the area of Peten, however, we find other small cities around, such as Tayasal, where El Mirador del Rey Canek is located.

This is one of the last Mayan kingdoms to be conquered by the Spaniards in the year 1697. By that moment, the city of Tayasal was already full of vegetation, so the Spaniards didn´t know about it. The existence of the city was officially reported until 1965, and new discoveries have been made since then.

There is no doubt that you will enjoy this tour from beginning to end. You will be surrounded by nature, Mayan information, stunning views from El Mirador del Rey Canek, and mesmerizing sunset.



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