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What is Proximity Flying?

What is Proximity Flying?

It is possibly the most dangerous sport on the planet. Literally your life expectancy drops to six years when you start base jumping and 12 months when you start proximity flying. But what exactly is it?

Proximity flying is a type of skydiving or base jumping in which the participant flies closely to the ground or other objects, at breathtaking speed which needs a seriously high level of precision. It requires a high level of skill, physical fitness, and mental focus, as well as specialised equipment and techniques. One mistake and its all over.

To become a proximity flier, it is essential to start by getting certified as a skydiver or base jumper and jump, jump and jump some more. If you don’t you are certainly knocking on the shady door.

Depending on how deep your pockets are this can be done relatively quickly. This typically involves completing a tandem jump with an instructor, followed by several solo jumps while being supervised by an instructor. It is also important to learn about the specialized equipment used in proximity flying, such as wingsuits, which allow the participant to fly through the air using their body position and the surface area of the suit.

In addition to the physical skills required for skydiving or base jumping, proximity fliers also need to have excellent spatial awareness and the ability to make quick, precise movements. This can be developed through training and practice, as well as by working with a mentor or coach who can provide guidance and feedback.

Proximity flying can be an exciting and thrilling sport, but it is also inherently risky. As we stated, it is probably the most dangerous sport in the world. It is important to prioritize safety at all times, following all safety protocols and respecting the rules of the sport. The basic stuff never changes and complacency can creep in if we loose focus. Never letting this slip is very important. This includes using proper equipment, having a reliable parachute, and being aware of your surroundings.

To become a successful proximity flier, it is important to have a strong foundation in skydiving or base jumping, a commitment to safety, and a willingness to continue learning and improving your skills. With dedication and practice, you can learn to fly through the air with precision and control. Most importantly the ability to so NO when a jump feels bad.

Dedicated to all the lost jumpers.

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