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Adventure Profiles: Antoine Girard

Adventure Profiles: Antoine Girard

He is probably one of the most inspirational adventurers but then again I am biased, I am paraglider. May we present the European Outdoor Film Tour 21st Century Adventurer Nominee Antoine Girard. Now this guys knows how to traverse a mountain range. Hiking up to a suitable location and heading off on incredible journeys with jaw dropping scenery.

Below we have added some of his incredible pieces. One to follow on Youtube and Facebook!

Antoine Girard – Trailer : Aconcagua, la traversée sans retour

Antoine Girard – Bande annonce film “Ballade chez les Kiwis”

Antoine Girard – kenya

Antoine is passionate about non-motorized outdoor sports. It stands out especially in paragliding, climbing and mountaineering.

He started paragliding in 2007, in 2013 he participated in his first X-Alps, in which he finished 3rd, and in the 2015 edition he achieved 4th place. In 2015/2016 he bivouacked with Benoit Outters the entire mountain range of the South Island of New Zealand, round trip! In 2016 he flew solo 1200 km in a bivouac flight in Pakistan, where he managed to get 8157 meters above the summit of Broad Peak (8051 meters). In 2017 he went with Julien Dusserre to combine bivouac flight and mountaineering at the Shalbashum in Nepal. In 2018, he traveled 2,700 km in a bivouac flight in the Andes Mountains with Martín Beaujouan, from southern Chile to Peru. Also in 2018, he made a 1400km bivouac flight in Pakistan with Damien Lacaze, where he reached a flying altitude of 7,960 meters. His attempt to climb the Spantik (7027m) was frustrated at 6900m due to bad weather. In 2019, he managed to make the first crossing of the Andes from Chile to Argentina with a flight over Aconcagua. On that trip he also achieved the world record for height gain, going up over 5800 meters.

If you fancy learning to Paraglide check out our article on learning to paraglide and find instructors here Paragliding.

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