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A True Adventurer

True adventurers come in all shapes and sizes but they all share a hunger for a challenge and a story. A memory for the rocking chair. The New Year brings the annual surge in those resolutionary hikes and climbs. ‘Let’s start the New Year with a challenge conquered!’ kind of attitude.

To be honest, we love them! The social feeds are full of mountain top selfies and muddy mountain bikes and unrecognisable riders. We should all break in the New Year doing what we love, or even trying new things. We don’t have to be conquering the biggest mountains or crossing the poles to be true adventurers.

Check out our buddies Phil and Warwick on their breathtaking Scottish ‘Mini-Adventure.’ The guys didnae hold back either. Canoeing, hiking, camping and flying! Check it out…

Thanks to Phil and Warwick for the epic video. Learn to fly like Phil and Warwick, read our step by step guide.

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