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5 Steps to Learn to Skydive

5 Steps to Learn to Skydive

5 Steps to Learn to Skydive

So you fancy jumping out of a perfectly good plane with a parachute attached to your back? Nice! Let’s get started. Here are the 5 steps to learn to skydive…

  1. Step One Learn to Skydive – Book a tandem

Skydiving is amazing but it is also kind of scary so before you spend all your money to learn to skydive it might be a good idea to book a tandem jump. Even the bravest of us can panic and freeze so putting your life in the hands of a professional is advised.

One of the benefits of doing a tandem is the less time you need learning things in the ground school prior to taking the jump. If you take the AFF for example you must go over a few more details and spend a few more hours in ground school.


  1. Step Two Learn to Skydive – Book a Course.

So you have tried a tandem and you have found your passion. Now you want to jump solo and experience freefalling solo. You can find your nearest drop zone on BigAdventureMap’s Skydiving section.

Alternatively you can learn to skydive by finding Skydiving centres on websites such as Dropzone.

Normally Skydiving Course is call an AFF or Accelerated Free Fall Course. The AFF consists of 8 Levels of proficiency the trainee skydiver must pass in order to be signed off as a competent skydiver. They range in price from around 1500 USD to 3000 USD depending on where you complete it and how long it takes you to complete all 8 Levels.

More info on the exact nature of the AFF coming soon….

  1. Step Three… Get your own rig.

This is probably the most expensive part of getting into skydiving and it is not an area you would want to pull the purse strings too tight for.

A rig can cost around 3000 – 4000 USD. Expensive but you put your life in that rig. If looked after properly should last you a few years and hundreds of jumps. As long as you take care of your equipment, have it checked regularly and store it in a cool, dry place then you will get a lot of use from your first rig.

Renting your gear is sometimes a better option, especially if you think you may be only an occasional jumper. Renting a rig can cost anything from around 30 USD to 50 USD per jump. Perhaps this is an option for many of you when just starting out.

  1. Step Four… Join a Club or Find your local Dropzone.

If you didn’t do your AFF at your local Dropzone then you should find out where it is. If not, become a member of a Club or association as this is a great way to meet friends and learn more about your new found love.

Joining up or becoming a member of your local dropzone might give you some savings when it comes to renting gear and buying jump tickets.

Making friends that want to jump is really good and you will more likely keep up your new passion.

  1. Step Five… Your next jump is only a ticket away.

Now all you have to do is get yourself to a dropzone, purchase your jump ticket and off you go. Usually you buy multiple jump tickets at a time.

After a few hundred jumps you will be ready for wingsuit flying…

See you in the skies…



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