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Introduction to Surfing – Part 2

Introduction to Surfing – Part 2

Introduction to Surfing – Part 2

Learning to surfIn this series we look at learning to surf and in this part we will look at getting ready to hit the water. Sorry folks, we still have a little bit to do on terra firma before we get wet. Before we do that we must practice our pop ups on the beach. Pop ups are when you make the transition from lying on your board to standing. You can start without the board by drawing a surf board in the sand then progressing to the board itself. Learning to surf is progressive so be patient and it will come.

Here is a great video showing the practice pop up:


As Chris said in the video, there are many ways to pop up on your board and you should find the most fluid and comfortable way to do it. Practice makes perfect!!

Assess the Conditions

Once you have practiced your pop up and you are feeling confident then it is time to hit the water. Remember some of the important points from Introduction to Surfing – Part One

  • Assess your conditions and ensure the water is safe for you to enter (check flags, hazards, how big the waves are etc.)
  • Do not enter the water unless the waves are slow rolling waves otherwise your first surfing experience may scare you off for life or worse you could seriously injured or….
  • Assess where other surfers are surfing and if possible where they enter the water and the way they paddle out to the surf zone. (Watch to see if any surfers paddling out are affected by longshore currents and also check for rip currents.)
  • Ensure you don’t paddle directly into the group of surfing waiting to catch a wave as you will get in their way and this is a sure way to making no friends! (you will want surfing friends!!!)

Now you are ready! Get in the water carefully and calmly, lay on your board and start paddling out. Once you are out in the surf zone you will be ready to catch your first wave.


We hope our Learning to surf series is helpful!!

Thanks for reading. Check back soon for Part 3 of our learning to surf series in which we will cover catching your first wave.


Find you local surf school

Our Big Adventure Map family is growing and more and more surf schools are added all the time. check out Surfing.

We have a number of Surf Camps to check out too.

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