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Great Paragliding Blogs

Great Paragliding Blogs

Great Paragliding Blogs!

Paragliding is one of those sports that you will constantly learn and develop in. Your knowledge grows with experience and of course good old fashioned reading does wonders for your knowledge base. Below is a list of the great paragliding blogs out there for your surfing pleasure. There are lots of great paragliding blogs out there but these are my top 5:

I usually read these blogs when Keso has stolen my copy of Kelly Farina’s Mastering Paragliding. Top Read for beginners all the way to experienced pilots.

1. Flybubble

Flybubble is a retailer and training school located in the UK. I believe they have stopped their training for now to focus on being the best freeflight retailer out there and they do this well. (By the way I have no affiliation to Flybubble I have just always had a great experience when buying things over the years.

Flybubble has a fantastic Blog with lots of information on flying techniques, introduction guides for beginners, all manner of gear and equipment reviews and more. There are literally hundreds of blog posts that will keep you entertained and educated for time to come.


2. Cloudbase Mayhem

Cloudbase Mayhem is a Blog and Podcast creation from none other than Gavin McClurg. Check this guy out. He is a true adventurer and you can really see his passion for it in his work. His Podcast interviews are really interesting to listen to and you will definitely learn a lot from his blog.

 Gavin is really interesting, he has done some crazy things in his life from circumnavigating the globe, twice, to competing in Red Bull X-Alps to holding paragliding records and much much more… you really must check out this blog if you have not before. Perhaps a little advanced for complete beginners to the sport but entertaining none the less.

3. Just Acro

 For all you Acro pilots out there and those who who like to push the limits Just Acro is your place. Although it is not updated as much as it once was it is still a great resource for entertaining paragliding information. My favourite style of flying is wagas style and Just Acro have a whole video section dedicated to it.  The website has loads of information on how to progress from an average pilot into an infinity tumbling god of the skies.

4. Paragliding Forum

Although Paragliding Forum is rather old now and it slightly outdated design probably needs a shake up but it is still one of the most popular meeting places for paragliders online. It has lots of discussions on every single topic you can think of in the paragliding world.  Good for killing time and seeing what other pilots around the world are talking about.

5. BGD

 The new kid on the block as far as blogs and Gliders for that matter. What beautiful gliders they are might i add. What is not new is the man behind BGD, Bruce Goldsmith himself. A paraglider since forever and a well known paragliding designer and test pilot if you have flown a paraglider in the last 10 years, chances are that Bruce Goldsmith had something to do with its design or at least influenced how it was designed.

Bruce’s blog, or rather vlog, is called BruceTube and it is a video series for tips and advice for pilots. This follows Bruce’s book series Fifty Ways to Fly Better and Twenty Five Ways to fly Better

which now has  VOLUME 2 I didn’t know existed until writing this….I will have to check it out.

Here is one of Bruce’s video:

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